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Cooking with Chef™

Cooking with Chef™

Date: 2015, May 21

For the longest time that I can remember, Apple had a great idea to get involved in the community by empowering educators to help students at an early age find their passion. Helping facilitate students and teachers with iPad’s and Mac’s, has been Apple’s way of teaching the education community from start to finish how easy it is to get their devices set up, manage, and running quickly, opening them up to a world of resources.

Well times are changing, this is a new era for students to begin getting fully emerged at an early age in DevOps. In a recent article published by, they stated:

A fast-growing discipline known as DevOps, aimed at coordinating all of a company’s IT
operations in a single, nimble system that can streamline operations, speed up the
development of new software, and incorporate data security at every step.

On March 18, I received an email stating that I was awarded a ChefConf Diversity Scholarship to attend ChefConf 2015 in Santa Clara, CA. Which is why I’m honored for being invited to deliver a workshop at Microsoft’s DigiGirlz High Tech Camp from August 11-12, 2015. Because helping shape the minds of approximately 120 young high school girls and working to dispel stereotypes of women in the high-tech industry is exhilarating and my way of “Pay It Forward.

The title of this high level workshop will be called “Cooking with CHEF™.” The intention is to introduce and encourage DigiGirlz to pursue their studies of DevOps (which is a blend of “development” and “operations”). This is the perfect time to teach these young minds and expose them to a much broader environment of agile collaboration which is DevOps. Because I’m a firm believer that “Time Invested Teaching, Is Never Wasted…

The main goal is to help them understand that DevOps is a rapidly growing software development framework that stresses communication, collaboration (information sharing and web service usage), integration, automation, and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals. Then explain Chef’s definition of DevOps which is:

A cultural and professional movement, focused
on how they build and operate high velocity organizations,
born from the experiences of its practitioners.

As time permits, I’ll will do short demo to show how Microsoft has partnered up with Chef to automate deployment with velocity to Azure. Because companies today are racing to change how they build software — and a company called Chef is at the heart of Automation Deployment, Configuration Management, Cloud, Auditing and Compliance. So the demand for highly skilled DevOps people as stated by is growing rapidly:

But with even small and midsize companies now all going to mobile, the web,
and the cloud to sell their products and engage with customers, demand
for people who can make it all work seamlessly together is only going to increase.

The message that will be stressed to these high school DigiGirlz during the camp will be the same as Rosie Tech is screaming in the picture above, that with Chef:

ʻʻWe Can Do IT! ʼʼ

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