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It's With Mixed Emotions...

It's With Mixed Emotions...

Date: 2021, Mar 22

Have you ever received an email with a subject line that started off “It’s with mixed emotions…“ ? This usually was an indication of a sob story about to follow either saying:

   (a) someone got fired

   (b) someone that found a new job and was leaving their colleague friends behind
   (c) someone that past away

But in my case, it’s an excellent story which is why I started this blog off saying “It’s with mixed emotions…“  Because I’m SUPER EXCITED to announce that I’ll be rejoining the ranks at Microsoft as a Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM).

The reason for choosing a DevOps infinity loop as the top image for this article, is to symbolize that my career has made it back Full Circle where I began. Through a series of #ContinuousLearning and career soul searching, it led me back to Microsoft.

Throughout my career, there have been SO many people that have given me great advice, supported, collaborated, believed, and mentored me. But the real reason for writing this post, is that I can’t name every single one of my 4,600+ LinkedIn connections and 2,000+ Twitter followers. So I’ll try to name a few, and my apologies if there’s anyone I might have missed.


There are no words that can express the debt of gratitude that I owe to these two great friends of mine. Don’t think I could ever repay them back for having believed, and support me through the interview process of rejoining Microsoft. Both very approachable, diverse, sharp, and passionate about technology. Definitely recommend following them 👇🏽





There are way too many #DevOps, #ChefFriends, DevOps Live Meetup, Women Who Code DFW, DevOpsDays DFW organizers/attendees, global core DevOpsDays organizers, and over 970+ active DevOpsDays organizers worldwide to say “Thanks!” too that I’ve interacted with over the years.

So I’ll just try to name a few 😉:

Patrick Debois, Andrew Clay Shafer, John Willis, Damon Edwards, Jez Humble, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Gene Kim, Ann Perry, Bridget Kromhout, Matt Stratton, Yvo van Doorn, Serhat Can, Bernd Erk, Rafael Gomes, Marco Júnior, Mine Heck, Dan Maher, Katie McLaughlin, Adrian Moisey, Ken Mugrage, Kris Buytaert, Jennifer Davis, Nathen Harvey, Matthew Jones, Rudy Gevaert, Adam Jacob, Michael Coté, Lucas Welch, Ernest Mueller, Karthik Gaekwad, James Wickett, Laura Wickett, Sasha Rosenbaum, Chris Short, Angel Rivera, Mel Reyes, Aaron Aldrich, Wesley Faulkner, J. Paul Reed, Rich Burroughs, Shaun Mouton, Liz Fong-Jones, Ana Medina, Jason Hand, Chris Corriere, Jason Yee, John Jelinek, Patrick Scholze, Derek Weeks, Mark Miller, Curtis Yanko, DJ Schleen, Jayne Groll, Alan Shimel, Helen Beal, Ant(on) Weiss, Andi Mann, Enrique Carbonell, John Marlin, Chuck Timon, Paul Nettleton, Elden Christensen, Steven Ekren, Bruce Langworthy, Donovan Brown, Jeffrey Snover, Steven Murawski, Jay Gordan, Robert Reeves, Dee Dee Walsh, Dion Stewart, Joel Tosi, Thomas J Sweet. Rafael Rosado